There are different types of cheap road bikes under $300 and deciding which bike would be best for you can be tricky if you are buying for the first time. In this handy buyer guide we have put together information to help you to find the one  that fit your needs and budget.

There Are 3 Factors To Consider

Should you are searching for a new one in the market, there is a lot of consideration and it can usually take a fair bit of research before you know what you should looking for. It is perfect for somebody that wants to get into cycling or wants to upgrade their current machine. They are designed to be lightweight, aerodynamic and stiff which makes it easier for you to ride at great speeds. Most of the technology that is used complements this perfectly and you will be able to maintain a constant fast speed without using a lot of energy.

If you remember these 3 things, you will be able to choose your cheap road bikes easily;

1. What is your budget? To find a good quality is likely to set you back a fair bit and it is fairly common to see them priced at $100 upwards. Prior finding what are available, you should first of all consider what your budget is. In the long run, this helps you choose because you can narrow down the one that you can afford. Although you can purchase them later, also remember that you will need some lights, and a cycle helmet. You can cut down the price by looking out for good deals online such as racing bicycle for sale.

2. Measure up and get the right size frame. This is to make sure you get a comfortable ride, you should pay attention to the size of the frame. It only takes a few minutes to do this, yet it can transform your riding experience. If in doubt, refer to a sizing chart.

3. Are spare parts readily accessible? This may not be essential as nowadays you can usually find parts online. However, if you are able to get spare parts yourself you can add keep your bike running for longer. Bike maintenance is important and quite fun!

A decent bicycle not only help you to get out and about, but it also a great way to exercise and is something the entire family can enjoy. It is designed for fast and efficient riding, and is one of the great ways of outdoor exercising to improving fitness, commuting to works/or around town, touring, or even getting into road racing or a triathlon.

Today, they become very affordable, available in various designs, colors, and sizes. If you are looking for the best cheap road bikes keep on reading you will discover the features and benefits on the various model under $300.

1. Takara Kabuko

Constructed with a strong handcrafted steel frame with horizontal dropouts to provide strength and durability. Fits riders with 5 feet, 8 inches tall to 6 feet tall with a standover clearance of 31 inches.

Features a superior frame, which can easily take on pot holes and road imperfections. At under $300, Takara Kabuto is perfect cheap road bikes for cycling around the city. Weighs 29.5 pounds.


  • Durable, Lightweight, and Versatile,
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Few flat tire issues reported
  • Seat is not comfortable

2. Giordano Rapido

At a little over 26 pounds, it is considered one of lightest bike available. Giordano Rapido is made for people who would like to go cycling around the city.

The durable Giordano has Aluminium frame, which gives sturdiness and light weight. It also features a steel fork, alloy side pull breaks, alloy rims, alloy hub, and Kenda tires.


  • Lightweight
  • Made for city riding
  • Durable
  • Expensive looks
  • Flip-flop hub for fixie or freewheel mode


  • Meant for tall riders
  • Seat bit harder and feels cheap

3. Track Fixie Single Speed

The Fixie Single Speed frame is made of steel and it comes with double walled wheels with machined sides, fixed gears, and threadless forks. It is indeed one of the best fixie today, it is equipped with front and rear brakes and a flip-flop rear hub for easy conversion from single speed to fixed gear. This is great for the money and one of the best cheap road bikes you can buy for around $250.


  • Great value for money
  • Durable


  • Seat little harder and quite uncomfortable
  • Brake a little weak

4. Schwinn Men’s Prelude (BBWhite)

The Prelude is perfect for daily commute or evening ride. It features aluminum frame for quick agile riding and the fork absorbs road path imperfections.


  • Dependable and affordable
  • Best for beginners
  • Excellent stability and lightweight.
  • Streamlined ride, easy shifting, and was an ideal fit for his height and size.


  • Inner tubes being shredded by the rim, causing punctures at the rim side.
  • Small size of frame

5. Schwinn Exit Freewheel Single Speed (700c Wheels)

Schwinn Exit Freewheel is a sporty and fast freewheel bike. Features an aluminum frame and steel fork. It has high profile 36-hole color matched rims and front and rear caliper brakes.


  • Sturdy and has a good speed
  • Assembly is easy
  • Light, solid, and a good price.
  • Good looking


  • Seat is not very comfortable
  • Lack of high-end components
  • Frame is small and not comfortable for rider at or above six feet of height