Best Cheap Fixies Bike Under 300

If you happen to be into bikes or cycling, finding the right kind of the best cheap fixies bike below $300 may be a hard process. There are lots and lots of bike brands and models out in the market and basing your decision on looks alone will not give you the best result. But should you want to know a real good cheap fixies for sale that will still be easy on your pockets, then I suggest this custom built Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike made by Kent, one of the leading bike brands around.

Why? One this is that this bike sticks to what is simple, yet giving you a good biking experience. It comes in the color of the blue, black and white making it look cool, but take note, aside from the looks, performance wise, this is where it is impressive. Find the best price available on Amazon and to read through some more of the product features and specifications.

Specifications Of The Best Cheap Fixies

  • This Flat-bar fixie bike comes with handcrafted steel frame
  • Flip-flop hub works in fixed gear or freewheel single-speed modes
  • It has 32-hole alloy wheels and loud 700 x 32 tires
  • Features with the front and rear alloy side pull brakes

It is interchangeable in use whether you want to maximize the fixie bike scheme or the standard single speed road bike freewheel.  It has a front and rear alloy side pull brakes that gives you good braking control that is essential for any rider out there, especially when you are riding on a terrain that is quite tough. It it work well for such terrains and will give you a handling and balance that is quite pleasing to anyone who rides it.

As I mentioned above, it is easy on the wallet since it costs below $ 300.00. You might say that there are more best cheap fixies for sale under 300 that would cost less, but you also have to notice that this is made by Kent, one of the best bike brands today. The quality of these bikes are guaranteed and you can be sure as hell that your ride will be one smooth experience.

It is designed to withstand any kind of road surface that even potholes and rocky surfaces will be no problem at all.  Based from reviews about this bike, most riders say they have complete control of this bike as stated.

There are few complaints from time to time with regards to size and the speed, but these are all negligible, as remember, this is not a racing bike either, but for cyclists that simply want to ensure a good ride as a form or leisure or exercise.

One good review I read said that this bike was tried against some GMC model on the same road block, and though the GMC was faster owing to its 21-speed control, surprisingly, the more easier ride was said to be this fixie bike since it was a single speed and you go fast or you go slow without having to think about much else.


So as you can see based from the review, the rider’s comfort is one big factor why this best cheap fixies gear bike is highly recommended. If you are the racing type or the performance level kind of person, this might not work for you. But for anyone else, this bike is worth the buy. The best price available for the best cheap fixies for sale under 300 on and to find further information to help you make an informed buying decision.