Best Fixie Bikes – Retrospec Beta

The Retrospec Fixie makes a perfect addition to your villainous fleet that fulfills the need for the best fixie bikes with transportation and style in mind. The bikes frames are tig-welded and are available in various colors to fit your own unique style. The components are made of top quality components such as: Double walled super deep V wheels, 3 piece cranks, CST High Performance tires, Kraton rubber grips, riser style handlebars, and KMC chains.

Features of Retrospec Best Fixie Bikes

  • “Urban Comfort” steel frame with barspin clearance
  • 41mm Super deep-v wheels w/ CST “High Performance” tires – 700C
  • “Radius” Front and Rear Brakes
  • “Well-Go” Pedals and Toe Cages
  • Retrospec Kraton Rubber soft grip

The assembly of the bike should be fine, even for someone who was not familiar with the fixie road bike. The cranks are already assembled to the bottom bracket and comes with “Wellgo” pedals with removable foot cages. The 41 mm Deep V wheels are great looking and has a solid build quality for the price.

This is a great buy for single-speed bike. The bike is simple and dependable yet it is really well built and fairly lightweight for a fixed gear. It also has a very come with a good appearance. The ride is fast and sleek the brakes works really well.  The gear ratio of the bike is a little high but it fly downhill because of this.

It is super smooth ride for the price and appearance, this is the perfect bike. It has received some very positive feedback from its customers at and currently has a review rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Negative Reviews

It has received mostly very positive feedback. However, one of the customers has complaint about how the fork did not fit around the bolt on one side because it was bent. This issue is solved by filing down the metal until it would fit around the bolt. Even with this defect, he still very pleased with the purchase.

One of the reviewer also had complaint about the stock brake pads that worn out quickly, he however replaced the brake pad for better performance. We also noted that many customers had mentioned that the bike is poorly packaged. Some of the part were missing or they might received wrong color. We did bringing it up this matter to customer service, and they responded politely and promise to improve in packaging issue. Hopefully they will start taking more time and more careful in packaging their orders.

Positive Reviews

This bike is simple, lightweight, and a good looking bike. Assembly is very easy and the brake can be set to your preference. The parts are made from a good quality materials and the bike feels very sturdy and durable. This fixed gear is super smooth ride, if your legs are up for it. The bike also comes in 60cm, whereas most of inexpensive road bikes don’t come in that size. Equipped with the flip flop hub so it can be ridden as a fixie or single speed mode.


Overall, if you are looking for a great commuter bike at the price around $350 that is simple, lightweight, and good looking, this would definitely highly recommended. Get the lowest available price of the best fixie bikes through and to find further info to help you make an informed purchasing decision.