Best Road Bikes For Beginner Guide

Today there are so many different brands and types available, the best road bikes are created with a specific style for fast and long distance cycling.  The frame of the bicycle is definitely the main basic component, while the key characteristics are its weight and stiffness that influence its performance where the strength from the rider’s pedal strokes is transmitted to the chain and then to the tires. As a results it might provide comfort and ease for speed.

Designed for paved surfaces, smooth roads, and bike paths, this type of bike is not suggested for uneven or unpaved road surfaces. The main intention is for event riders, fitness enthusiasts, or even cyclists who take part in bike racing.

The drop down handlebars are situated below the seat so that you can place the driver in a lot more streamlined position. The actual riding position is wind resistant with the rider curved over the dropped handlebars. The main difference of the road bike is its drop handlebar and the high and short frame. Front side and rear tires tend to be close together to make for sure that the bike offers fast handling. The gear ratios tend to be closely positioned to provide the rider to pedal at their ideal rhythm.

The Construction

The difference in the construction materials will be depend on the class of the bicycle but chromium-molybdenum steel, aluminum or titanium alloys, composite materials are the options for this type of bike. The type of material for component and the frame are the main factors in determining the price of the bike.

These days there also type of road bikes known as racing bikes. They are particularly use for racing or speeding where its construction focused more on aerodynamics over comfort. They are manufactured with strong, lightweight frames and come with dropped handlebars. The road bikes are designed for speed, thus it not necessarily comfort. It was designed for a various type of conditions such as ascending, cornering, or even traveling in packs of other cyclists where space can be limited.

Road bikes are known for being very expensive. The entry level road bikes generally are available at a very reasonably price in comparison with the high-end professional bikes. Thus if you just getting into bikes stuff you will need to learn a lot. For a beginner, searching for the cheap best road bikes could not be easier now, so if you not want to spend a ton of cash on a new one, you may want to consider getting the one that fits with your riding style and finance, here are the tips for you as a guide:

1. Get clear on your budget for the best road bikes

You do not want to end up over paying or worrying on blowing your savings on the bicycle, even if it does look like the hottest deal of a lifetime! Check your bank account, maybe even with a little calculation is going to save you, a bit of surfing on the internet and get a feel for what you want to spend before you get serious about buying the cheap best road bikes.

2. Preparation

No, I know that this is the result you want to make! Actually I’m talking about the bike for comfort and performance, it is best for your body. Did you know you can go to a bike shop and they will “Fit” you? Just remember or write down the numbers of features or requirements that fit you. There is also some online stuff that can help to provide you with a decent idea to find the one that suit you.

3. Get Educated

Road bikes come in all shapes, sizes and are made of many different materials. The frame is probably the most important and certainly the starting point when it comes to finding good and cheap that will serve you well. Indeed, everything else on your bicycle is attached to the frame so you want to make sure that it comes with a capability in supporting future upgrading. Moreover, knowing about brands and construction will help you to recognize a good deal just by look at it.

4. The Components

Part of your education will also be familiar with some of the individual parts. Any bike will have a lot of moving parts that experience wear and tear. Knowing in advance what it costs to replace some parts and even if and how to do it yourself can save your hassle and money.

5. Compare and Shop

There are so many resources for shopping around these days. Off course, the easiest and the first stop usually the internet. Purchasing online allows you to compare and sometimes up to thousands of different model. But do not stop there – put your heal on the pavement and check on the street. Not everyone advertises on the website. Sometimes you can find a hot deal that has just arrived at your local bike shops and even garage sales can be great places to find the cheap road bikes.

6. Negotiate for the best deal

By doing your research you will be well equipped to negotiate your best deal. Most sellers have inflated value of what they sell. When you show up armed with printouts similar and sometimes identical with best road bikes for sale elsewhere at lower price, which makes it possible to get your best deal.

7. Be kind on your ride

Once you have found the one that you know will work, it is now for you to take care of it! You’ve done your homework, you do a lot of research and saved yourself some money. It would be shame to lose it in repair bills. So prior to your trip, check your tires frequently, clean and lube your chain regularly, wash the bike and give it the care it deserves. Doing all these things, you will enjoy year after year on your best road bikes.