Best Single Speed Bikes – For Everyday Commuter

As someone who appreciates and looking for the best single speed bikes for the purpose of easy transport and for exercise, I can say that the right kind of road bike matters especially if you are using this one daily. I had an old bike which I used for more than 10 years already, and it’s a mountain-bike class since I use it to go exercising up steep highways in our place. But now, it was too old and it now has to be repaired most of the time since many parts of it now starts to become rusted and easily damaged.

As I canvassed around for possible replacements, one of the bike shops I went, tried to selling me those thousand dollar model which looked cool, but I did not really feel comfortable riding them. I wanted a practical, which is not too expensive, but can function well especially with the kind of road conditions that I used to travel daily. And the answer to my problem came in the form of the Pure Fixed Gear which the store had on display, but never much noticed by customers.

I tried checking the specs and it was really okay for a this price I should say. And comparing it to the other fancy bike in the stores, it really is simple looking, with some color variations that you can avail of, but in terms of use and function, I think this is a good choice for me.

Pure Fixed Gear Best Single Speed Bikes Features

  • Comes with deep dish 50mm wheels
  • The flip-flop rear wheel hub permits changing gear mode
  • Constructed with high-tensile steel frame while the fork is machine Tig-welded
  • Built with high end components including Neco headset, Zoom seat post Our grips, Neco stem, Radius front brake, Pure Fix urban saddle, Pure Fix platform pedals, KMC chain, Kendra tires and tubes, Lasered KT Quandos hubs and Presta valves
  • Radius front brake is easily removable

The Overview

The minute I road-tested it, I knew this was the right one for me. Equipped with light aluminum alloy body was just a bit lighter than my old bike, but the balance I achieved from it was truly exceptional. It was a really simple bike which allowed me only 2 modes, the fixed wheel and the single-speed, but it was perfect for someone like me who does not use this for races or to show off.

I will use it to commute to the local groceries or even the town proper, and I don’t need a fancy looking bike with all those speed gears and fixtures that I don’t really need. The owner was also in agreement with me once he learned about my situation and that I don’t use this for anything more than exercising and commuting to and from my place.

The fixed gear is better, he said for me. And as for the price it was reasonable enough for me to consider this as a replacement bike for me. It will help me get through the tough roads better, and offer me the comfort of riding a bike built for such purposes.


This one actually underestimated by most buyers. They think that just because it is simple and does not have those speed gears, it means it is inferior. In terms of quality, it is tough, and in fact the kind of roads that I traverse everyday is not a simple terrain. It is a tough road that mixed dirt, rocks and even bumps and potholes. So with this the best single speed bikes it able to accomplish this without problems, I think it has to count for something.