Single Speed Bikes For Sale by Schwinn

The Schwinn Exit features a lightweight aluminum frame with a steel fork and drop-down handlebars, which makes it one of the best single speed bikes for sale on the market. It is a sporty and fast, it is the design to give a fast and sporty ride and comes with freewheel and a 16-tooth single-speed drivetrain.

Its front and rear caliper brakes give great stopping power and has high profile, 36-hole color matched rims for a beautiful look and excellent style. This bike is easy to maintain, fun to ride, and with a weight of 41 pounds, easy to carry.

The performance and capabilities are sure to impress even those who consider themselves to be experts in the fixie bike arena. Great for beginner riders and for those who are experts on the fixie bike style.

Features of Schwinn Exit Single Speed Bikes for Sale

  • Freewheel road bike with single-speed aluminum road frame
  • Steel road fork; drop handlebars
  • Freewheel 16-tooth single-speed drivetrain
  • Caliper brakes – front and rear
  • High profile 36 hole color to suit the rims

For the money, this is a great bicycle, it is comparable to other road bikes that costing up to $500. Designed for fast, smooth, and easy rides around town. The bike is very nice looking, easy to assemble, very solid, and reasonably light.

Negative Reviews

There were a few complaints about lack of high-end components and features, but one reviewer did comment that you aren’t exactly paying for a high-end bike. The seat is very awesome looking. However, it is not very comfortable. It is recommended to get a gel pad and some of the reviewers replaced it with new ones.

This bike comes with some better parts compared to others bike in this price range, but with just few upgrades and it will be a very good road bike. The frame is small and not comfortable for many riders over six feet in height

Positive Reviews

It is sturdy and has a good speed, recommended for a fast ride. Assembly is easy that requires very little assistance and basic tools, and the instructions are easy to follow in the manual. This bike is good for the money, light, solid, and a good price. The appearance is above average with its sleek styling and coloring. The paint is fairly durable and can withstand minor bumps.


The major benefit of its price, although many of the component materials are indicative of its cheaper price. However, for the price this bike is a worth the money and comes with some flashier parts than most bikes at this price. It just needs a few upgrades and it’s golden.

This road bikes are recommended for riders who are looking for a bike that is cheaper but is reliable, fast, comfortable, and great for commuting around town. Some upgrades are available for its components, and it is recommended for optimum riding experience.