The Best Women’s Road Bikes by GMC Denali

Women cyclists would be happy to know that GMC is really making an effort to reach out to their kind of market segment as they have come out with this women’s road bikes (20″/50cm Frame). Now this is truly a one of a kind , as everything is designed to consider the cyclists demand, and its durable, easy to assemble, and very much affordable if you ask me.

It has a lightweight aluminum frame that even has a Shimano 21-gear shifting system that allows you a very smooth ride for any terrain, and can get your speed fast enough in country roads and the highways. The alloy brakes work well enough for good stopping power if need be. You can say it is perfect for any level of rider.

Specifications of Denali Road Bicycles for Women

  • Frame: Aluminum 7005 straight gauge; 19.5 inch frame
  • Fork: Series 7000 steel; traditional dropped top tube women’s configuration
  • Brakes: Promax 501A Alloy Caliper Brake
  • Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo shifts
  • Weight: 29 pounds

One thing that you can be sure about this bike is the quality. It created by a well known brand that makes cycling equipment, and bikes happen to be their specialty. This women’s road bikes were well researched before coming into production, and considers the cyclist too since everything is build both for speed, safety, and comfort. It even comes with an aluminum alloy water bottle to promote hydration for the cyclist or anyone who would use this cycle. The 700c tires are surely up to the challenge of the road and you can even use it for street racing if you want to. But no matter how much I talk about this bike, it is experience that will tell you if this works well as advertised.

Women’s Road Bikes For My Daughter

So to be sure, I actually bought one for my daughter’s own use since she is quite the active person and she will really get to work on this once I give it to her.  As per my daughter, she really was excited about this bike as it seemed to be really made for women. She said she did not find it as light as she thought it would be, but the overall balance was really something.

The brakes worked well, and she loved the tires. She recognized it immediately as ones that can be used for all terrains, and even street racing. The ride she had was smooth, but she wanted to test it out on straight road to get the most speed out of it. But as per her own words, “it rocks” meant that this bike is really worth something.

The Verdict

For the price of almost $200 only, I could say that my money was well spent on this bike. And the specs and composites of this bike are true to its purpose, and I am talking straight from the experience of my own daughter who loves bikes. GMC sure has made something great, and your biking experience will never be the same once you get to use it.  Make sure to consider this when getting a bike.