Vilano FORZA 3.0 Aluminum

For bike enthusiasts out there, getting their hands on a Vilano FORZA 3.0, the cheap carbon fiber road bike could be one experience that would give them a heck of a riding experience of their lives. And the best part? It comes for only around 300 dollars. Some of the best bikes and the racer type ones would even cost you maybe a thousand dollars or two, but for almost the same specs and guaranteed ease of use, you get this at a very affordable price. It is amazing how this can be, but Vilano made this all possible.

Features Of This Cheap Carbon Fiber Road Bike – Forza 3.0

  • 12k Carbon Fiber Racing Fork
  • Shimano Sora 8 Speed
  • 6061 Double Butted Aluminum Frame
  • 24 Speeds
  • Pedals Included


It has a sturdy lightweight aluminum frame that is easy for riders. In terms of control, imagine having a 24-speed control. This is exactly what makes this so special. Any kind of terrain can easily be traversed with the right amount of adjustment in the speed control. No more worries about the rocky terrains nor the mountain climbing even since the carbon forks also do well with the rough surfaces and roads, it capable of them all.

With its light frame and the 24 speed control, you can master any course and terrain easily. In fact, my own son who is much into biking rode one this into one of his trials and he did perfectly well comparable to his old bike which he had already mastered. He said that it was perfect for almost any terrain he encountered, even if he lessened the psi on the wheels to a little over 120psi in 23mm. However the bike was not his, but his friend’s and I could see that he would have also wanted a the same model like this for him.


So what I did? With his birthday coming in 3 weeks, I actually got him his own this bicycle. When he opened up the garage to see his birthday present, he almost yelled in delight! He immediately got his tools and started to adjust everything to his liking. I was really okay with it since did not cost me even 400 dollars at most. For such a good bike and my son’s happy face, this is all worth every little cent.


Many bicycle brands offer a lot of things and improvements to their products, but it is always the experience of using them that would matter in the end. And as for this, my son’s own experience helped me realize that this is one heck of a great bike. And for the price I get it with its specifications which are even comparable to the more expensive model out there, I can say that this is one good decision for me that I got this brand. I may buy other brands in the future, but surely this inexpensive carbon fiber road bike has made its mark for me and my son and I would certainly look it up again in the future again if possible.