Vilano FORZA, 4.0 Aluminum

I decided to start biking as a form of exercise for myself and so first things first was to get the best entry level road bike which I could use daily for this activity. I went to a local bike outlet and checked out the available ones there. I tested most of the expensive one in there as I though the more expensive it is, the better. I knew very little about the  beginner road bicycle except for some small details my friend told me about shifting gears and the handling. But these expensive ones did not really let me feel what biking was all about.

The store owner tried to sell me those expensive bike, but good thing that I settled to listen to my instincts and did not cave in. I wanted to find the best beginner road bike that would really fit my needs and one I was comfortable with when I rode it.

There was one in a corner which caught my eye, and when I asked about it, it was the FORZA 4.0 by Vilano – Integrated Shifters, and it was priced only at $400 dollars. It was cheap, but I liked the way it looked so I decided to give it a try. And what comes next is for my own record books.

Features of the Best Entry Level Road Bike

  • Integrated Brake Lever / Shifters
  • A Strong Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • 24 Speeds to Handle any Situation
  • Wheelset: Double Walled w/ CNC Machined Sides
  • Free Pedals Included

I found myself really liking the experience of riding this bike. I was taught how to adjust the gears while riding at the right timing. I could do this adjustment in the handlebar down, or even in the top bar which made things comfortable for me. And as for the speed, I was able to control things properly and since the balance was also great. It was also lightweight and the size of the wheels just right, though I felt I had to control the pressure on the tires for a smoother ride.

I could drive it for miles without having to exert much effort. It was so much more better than the thousand dollar type, and as for the price, I was really amazed why this thing is priced so cheap with such comfort and specifications included in it. Of course, I bought this one and by the next day, I was already riding it and learning all I can about how to maximize my experience of using it.

Throughout the next few days, I learned more about cycling and the bike itself. I learned to fine tune things like the levers and also the chains and all. The saddle was a bit of a problem for me, but changing it was easy, and so did replacing the pedals with one which stuck to my shoes better.

I learned that the Microshift SB-R083 Integrated Shifter/Brake Lever STI shifters were one of a kind and provided a great deal of control when riding. I had to learn how to use this and maximize its abilities, lest it all comes to waste. This made things more and more exciting over time and I am becoming addicted to cycling as early as now.


Overall, I am incredibly satisfy with this purchase, it considered as one of the best entry level road bike at the most affordable price range. The shifting could be smoother however the seat is subpar, but the bike does what it is supposed to be.